eml-2-emlx: Free Mail File Converter

eml-2-emlx is compatible with Mac OSX 10.7 - 10.11 (Lion to El Capitan)

eml-2-emlx is a mail file conversion utility.

It convertes the standard eml-files to emlx-files and .mbox mailboxes.

eml is a standard mail file format often used by e-mail programs.

emlx is the file format used by apple in MacOS Mail v2 and above.

New in v1.4.1:
- compatibilty with MacOS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
- eml-file text encoding can manually be selected
- eml-2-emlx is now cocoa based
- enhanced compatibility with apple mail import filter
- enhanced usability and how-to notes inside the app

eml-2-emlx does not just convert mails, it preserves your mailbox structure to get it into Mac OS Mail.

Since v 1.2.0 and using Mac OS X Lion (10.7) you can now directly convert to a Mac OS X Mail Structure, which you can import with Mac OS Mail by choosing Import Apple Mail


Single file conversion is free.If you want to use the batch conversion functionality you have to obtain a full version.

With the full version can also create .mbox files, which you can easily import into MacOS Mail.
The full version can be obtained for EUR 15,-.

Please send me a mail ('see Contact') if you need a full version license or use paypal.

You will receive an automated e-mail message containing the registration code immediately after payment. Please check your spam.

How to convert & import

Download How To instructions here (pdf)

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Getting your Mails out of Outlook Mac 2011

You can drag your E-Mails into a directory on your desktop. They will be exported as .eml-Files.
Unfortunately, you cannot drag whole Folders out of Outlook.
If you want to export several Folders, you have to create one directory (or subdirectory) on your desktop (or anywhere else) for each folder inside Outlook and drag the E-Mails from that Folder to the corresponding directory.

Download How To Instructions here

Some feedback of our customers

-- Stephan, congratulations on your software, over 25.000 (!) messages successfully imported into Mac Mail. Pity you don't have such a miracle maker for MSG messages. Keep up the good work!

-- thanks... worked like a charm.

-- Your software worked great thanks.

-- great software it's worth every penny it costs.

-- Thank you for the activation code. I just recovered my 25.000 emails. Great value for price! Thank you and congratulations for your easy to use app.

-- Your program worked wonders and I'll happily recommend it at my local Mac user group and for anyone swapping files from a PC to a Mac. You're a life saver.

-- This worked like a charm.  Thank you for providing such a valuable service at such a reasonable price!

-- Before I purchased it, I tried other ways importing to Lion Mail. Though there were about 6,000 emails on the folder, about 2,000 emails were lost. I checked how it went with your application, only 3 of them were lost. Such a big difference, 2,000 vs 3! Thanks for a wonderful application.

--The tool worked like a charm and was able to import all my mail. (October 2014)

--Thanks Stephan. Worked like a breeze once I read the 'How to'! (December 2014)

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