geocoordinate & map

Fetching geocoordinates (latitude & longitude) and place them in a map

• geocoordinate & map bring your addresses to goolge maps.

• Import addresslists from excel or any other source to geocoordinate & map.

• Fetch geocoordinates (longitude and latitude) with geocoordinate & map.

...and save the list as kml to get your palces shown in google maps..

What it does

In google-maps, you can create your own maps displaying several placemaks with additional information.
You may manually create placemarks in google-maps, but that might be a lot of work, if you have thousands of adresses to be displayed. For example, if you like to show all Fast-Food restaurants in the U.S.A.

geocoordinate & map uses your address lists and saves them as kml-files, which are used by the google-api for displaying the placemakrs in a google-map.

The google-map api only accepts kml-files holding the corrsponding geodata (latitude and longitude) to an address.
Therefore geocoordinate & map first retrieves the corresponding geodata (latitude and longitude) to the addresse also using the google api.
Since geocoordinate & map also exports plain tab-delimited text-files you may use the geo-information in many other navigation software products.

geocoordinate & map Mac 1.0.1 on

The free verison full functional,bit will only import up to 10 adresses / placemarks.
For an unlimited amount of addresses you have to obtain a full version.

The full version can be obtained for EUR 15,-.
Please send me a mail ('see Contact') if you need a full version license or use paypal.

You will receive an automated e-mail message containing the registration code immediately after payment. Please check your spam.

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